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Summer Did a GREAT job as always!!

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I had been to this Sport Clips once before and had a horrible experience and wrote about it. The girl shaved my head all the way to my part instead of blending it like i asked. I never went back. I usually go to Great Clips because I could use the mobile app to check in and then walk right in with no wait, but their app no longer works on my phone network, and they are always busy (I go on my lunch break and time is limited), so I saw that Sport Clips now had a mobile app as well and I thought I would give them another chance. I did not remember the name of the girl who cut my hair the first time, but she did such a bad job that I had to pay for a second hair cut at Great Clips the following day to correct the mess up she did. I just remember she had a HUGE Tattoo on her arm of a Rosary necklace. I walked into Sport Clips this time and the girl who was working had on a jacket had me go sit down. She asked me how I need my hair cut and I told her I do a number 3 razor cut on the sides, then I wanted it blended up into the top, which is cut medium length and neatly parted left to right (my hair was currently styled that way, so it should have been easy) The girl started talking about how there was a shelf left in my hair from the last stylist (this started to concern me because the previous girl had blabbered on about the same thing) and then started to shave by head on the left side all the way up to my part. I told her it was to short and she bumbled around and then has to call a girl from the back (Long brown hair and glasses) who had to come try and fix the mistake that was made,which she did manage. After the second girl evened out the gap the first girl had made, the first girl pushed up her jacket sleeve and low and behold, there was the tattoo of the necklace on her arm. I politely told her I had to go and so she trimmed up my sideburns and I paid $19.00 plus a $3.00 tip (I'm not a complete A-hole) and she never cut a hair on the top of my head. I will now have pay for yet another haircut at Great Clips to finish what the stylist at Sport Clips could not. I did look her name up by the way, it is Mary. I will be sure to let everyone I speak with know how bad of a stylist she is. I will not be back to the Sport Clips in Cullman.

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James W. | September 24, 2020 Haircut

"Summer Did a GREAT job as always!! " more
Patrick C. | March 7, 2019 Haircut

"I had been to this Sport Clips once before and had a horrible experience and wrote about it. The gir" more